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Gillespie Productions believes the purpose of video in business is to produce action from the target audience.

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Where does the team shoot the video?

Our video production team can shoot on location, whether it's your home office, another office location or job site, an event venue, or outdoors. We are flexible and nimble, always able to capture footage in even the most creative spots. When applicable, we also have the ability to shoot videos in a studio.

How many team members do you send for a shoot?

One of the pillars of our success is our belief that small teams can produce big results. By sending a team of three people, we find that we can deliver the highest levels of proactivity, flexibility, consistency, and quality. Our team size can vary depending on the scale and requirements of the shoot. We aim to shoot with minimal disruption to your operations.

Why is video content so important?

People have short attention spans, but video content is one of the best ways to capture and hold interest. Videos tend to be more engaging and memorable because they are multi-sensory. We weave key messages into compelling visuals, often using innovative shooting techniques and cutting-edge motion graphics. This is bolstered by great audio and compelling music. All of this comes together to tell a brand's story, resonate with the target audience, and drive tangible results. 

How much will my video project cost?

The cost of your video depends on the complexity of the project. During our discovery process, we will gain an understanding of your priorities and needs. We then put together a thoughtful, fair quote that takes into consideration your goals and our team’s time. This quote will include pre-production, the shoot day(s), and post-production. 

Keep in mind that most of our projects are not one-offs, because we build long-term, strategic relationships with our clients. This approach is more cost-effective for you, because we can repurpose existing footage into future projects, saving time and resources. We maintain a video footage library for all of our clients.


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