What to Look for When Choosing the Right Corporate Video Production Company

Explore key considerations in choosing a video partner and discover tailored solutions for your business.

Corporate Video

Does this sound familiar? 

You help lead marketing or communications at a large company or nonprofit. You’re responsible for dozens of deliverables every single week, from content marketing and event planning to data reporting and budgeting. When a request to create a video comes across your desk, all you can think is… “really? When will I have time for this!?”

Choosing the right corporate video production company to partner with, on your next project and beyond, is a crucial step in ensuring your message reaches and resonates with its intended audience. Let’s talk about what you should look for!

Tailored Solutions for Corporate Video Needs

Look for a company that specializes in video production. Many agencies offer a wide array of services but don’t necessarily have deep expertise in one area. 

When interviewing prospective video production companies for your project, ask about the longevity of their clients. Are they completing many “one and done” projects or do they have long-standing relationships with established and respected companies? 

Collaborative Production Processes

Creating compelling corporate videos should be collaborative. 

No video production team, no matter how talented, is made up of mind readers! Ask potential videographers about their process for getting to know your brand, your goals, your voice, and your core messages before they shoot a single shot. 

You also don’t just want a service provider; you want to find someone who can be an extension of your existing team. Look for a company that you think will be dedicated to bringing your vision to life with precision and creativity, with a strategic eye on your long-term communications goals.

Transparency and Communication

The cornerstone of any successful vendor relationship is clear, open communication. From your first contact with the video production companies you reach out to, take note of how they respond to you, how clearly they answer your questions, and how seriously they take your concerns. 

You can also peruse the company’s website, Google listing, and social media accounts to read customer testimonials. Real-life stories of satisfied (or not satisfied) clients will give you a holistic look at the results each particular video production company can produce. 

Budget-Friendly Corporate Video Solutions

Your video budget is another important consideration during the selection process. Ask for a detailed proposal that shows estimated costs of your project, before you commit to hiring anyone.

Find out how many people typically attend a video shoot. This will give you an idea of how efficient the production team can be and how much they will (or will not) disrupt your internal operations on shoot day. Larger crews can also sometimes mean higher costs. 

Learn How Gillespie Productions is Different

Selecting the right corporate video production company is about finding a partner that sees the world through your lens, understands your brand’s strategy and personality, and can translate this understanding into compelling video content. 

At Gillespie Productions, we understand that every brand has stories that set it apart from its competitors. We are dedicated to capturing these stories onto film to spark emotion and action in your target audience - no matter if that audience is made up of prospective recruits, potential clients, or internal teams.  We pride ourselves on our ability to craft tailored corporate video solutions through a highly collaborative process, underscored with strategy and a commitment to budget transparency. 

Our team is not just skilled in video production; we are storytellers at heart, strategists by training, and collaborators by choice. Our journalistic style and dedication to your vision mean we’re not just producing videos; we’re crafting narratives that engage, inform, and inspire.

Are you ready to transform your corporate communications with video content that stands out? Reach out to us during your selection process! 


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