Miller Electric

Project Summary

Miller Electric, the world’s largest manufacturer of arc-welding products, was ready to launch OpenBook, an online learning-management tool. OpenBook would be wildly popular with educators, but Miller Electric was looking for a high-impact way to introduce the platform to its target audience. Gillespie Productions helped Miller Electric to that end, delivering a high-energy piece that kicked off OpenBook’s launch.

The Problem.

Inform and excite educators about a new learning platform.

The Approach.

Show what the platform looks like and address what it can do for educators. Share student testimonials of the platform to further promote engagement.

The Solution.

The video gained more than 12k views on YouTube and increased awareness of the platform.

  • Project Date
  • Location
    Appleton, WI
  • Industry Type
  • Primary Service
    Promotional Video Production
  • Services Used
    Product Videos
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