The Village Companies

In a time where employers need to stand out above the hiring noise, this project highlights what makes the Village Companies unique. No doubt, the culture is special, and this project helped to tell that story through the experiences and voices of those who know it best - the Villagers. The fun-loving, quirky, and caring employees are truly the best example of what it means to be part of The Village and become part of the family.

The Problem.

Attract the right talent to fit the unique culture to support a growing business, all during an increasingly competitive talent market.

The Approach.

Through interviews, broll, fun music, and graphics - highlight the truly unique employment experience an employee will have when they join one of The Village companies.

The Solution.

Increased awareness of the Village Companies, increased number of applicants for open positions.

  • Project Date
  • Location
    Pulaski, WI
  • Industry type
  • Primary Service
    Corporate Video Production
  • Services used
    Recruiting Videos
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