5 Advantages of Industrial Video Production for Your Manufacturing Business

These industrial video tools are incredible for sharing your products and offerings and sharing your company’s authenticity!

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To reach your ideal customer base and share insight into your company and your values, an increasing number of manufacturing businesses are investing in manufacturer video marketing. These industrial video tools are incredible for sharing your products and offerings and sharing your company's authenticity. Sharing your manufacturer video marketing regularly can instill your message with your target audience, educating and creating an authentic connection that keeps them coming back.

In opting for product video marketing, you can vastly expand your client base, and create a stronger relationship in the long run, especially when done in partnership with expert video-making companies. Still not convinced? Here are five benefits of video production for your manufacturing business.

#1. Industrial Video Production Is Flexible

Industrial video production for marketing is extremely versatile. Not only can videos cover a range of different topics, whether it’s on a specific product or what makes your business unique, but they can also be posted across platforms, including YouTube, social media, or internally (ex: used as onboarding videos).

Some of the options for manufacture videos include:

  • Demo Videos: These videos focus on how products or your service works. This is ideal for sharing information visually to push customers to purchase.
  • Brand Videos: Ideal for showing off your company’s mission and purpose. These videos are used to build awareness.
  • Educational and How-To Videos: These are instructional videos, created to assist customers in using products or learning new skills.
  • Live Videos: Ideal for engaging audiences at the moment, this is a great communication tool to interact with customers in real time.
  • Case Study or Testimonials: One of the most effective ways to prove the worth of a product or service is with testimonials and case studies.

#2. Industrial Video Production Boosts Your Product Sales

A major monetary perk: an industrial video production is a tool commonly used to drive sales. With many turning to the internet for answers and concerns, having a range of videos about your offerings, products, and how to use them can cement you as a trusted source and, consequently, the most trustworthy to purchase from.

While some companies in the manufacturing space may be hesitant to invest in product video production, it is worth the initial cost. Yes, it may take an investment to build up your video library, but once you do, you can ensure you have a clear representation of your company and your values. With your videos, you can share helpful resources and give customers a look inside your company.

#3. Manufacturing Video Production Gives You Competitive Advantage

Standing out from all the other manufacturing companies can feel overwhelming, but video production for businesses can make a significant difference here.

In the age of the internet, consumers are looking for more information online to solve their problems, and companies that aren’t offering digital solutions and information are quickly falling behind. This is where manufacturing videos come in. By sharing your products and services on visible channels and platforms, you can gain more exposure and cement yourself as a leading source of information in your field. Plus, you can expertly tailor your message to engage with your ideal clientele; this is something many of your competitors may be lagging on.

#4. Video Content Is Shared More Frequently

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Believe it or not, videos consistently outperform text-based social posts across various platforms.

In a recent study, HubSpot found that videos are 40 times more likely to be shared on social channels than other content types. This is a wonderful way to reach more clients as followers share your manufacturing video content on their channels. This will introduce you to new prospects and grow your brand awareness more organically. Additionally, you can share your wealth of knowledge with the world, from commonly asked questions to the latest on new technologies.

#5. Videos Are Great for SEO

Any successful company in the digital age is focusing on Search Engine Optimization or SEO, and video marketing plays a large role in this. When product video marketing is paired with other content and marketing tactics, it can majorly increase traffic and conversions for your company.

Ideally, the manufacturing videos you create should offer something new to your viewers, different from your other content offerings. These videos should focus on sparking emotion, which will increase their chances of being shared or linked out. Additionally, ensure you have quality videos as a basic SEO best practice.


Whether your manufacturing company is new on the scene or you’re a hometown favorite looking to reach a wider audience, video production for businesses is quickly becoming a marketing staple, and you don’t want to miss out. With a vast range of benefits of videography, product video marketing can make a world of difference in your business's reach and authority in the space. Video is something that’s certainly worth investing in.

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