Building a Stronger Team: Leveraging Internal Communications Video Services

Understand how internal communications videos revolutionize team dynamics and fuel employee engagement.

Communication Strategy

The cornerstone of any successful organization is its team. And when it comes to unifying and motivating your people, internal communications are integral. Organizations that can nail it with internal communications will thrive in an age of decreased morale and lessened corporate trust. 

According to the Harvard Business Review, research proves that leaders who consistently and transparently communicate with their teams will see better employee engagement, greater alignment with the overall vision, stronger independent decision-making, and improved teamwork and collaboration. 

At Gillespie Productions, we have deep experience in corporate communications. We focus on crafting internal communications videos that inform, inspire, and unite teams across your organization. 

How to Harness the Potential of Internal Communications Videos

Internally communicating important messages takes strategy and intention. Time and time again, we’ve seen how video makes the best possible medium for conveying essential information to internal teams. Using video ensures your messages are delivered, felt, and understood, supporting your goals for a cohesive and informed organizational culture.

The first step to creating an impactful internal communications video is planning. At Gillespie Productions, we call this “pre-production” - this is the phase for mapping core messages, choosing interviewees, and planning shoot logistics. The second step is shooting your video, which our team can complete in 1-2 days. Finally, it’s time for editing and distribution.

Not convinced that video is the best way to disseminate your internal message? Here are five compelling reasons why video is the best choice! 

Improved Clarity and Understanding

A well-produced video communicates complex information succinctly and clearly, reducing misunderstandings that can occur with text-based communication (which is often scanned instead of read word-for-word) and live communication (which is susceptible to being misspoken or misunderstood). Videos combine visuals, spoken word, and text to ensure the message is universally understood.

Foster Team Collaboration

Videos allow leaders to convey their messages in a personal and direct manner. Seeing and hearing from their leaders can foster a stronger connection among teams. A video also has the unique ability to evoke emotions, making it a powerful tool for inspiring employees and building a sense of belonging and pride in the company.

Improved Retention and Accessibility

The visual and auditory stimuli in videos help enhance memory retention. Employees are likelier to remember and recall information presented in a video than information delivered through text or audio alone. 

Employees can also access and view videos asynchronously, which is especially beneficial for remote and global teams. Videos are also universally understood and are great for reaching employees of varying abilities. 

Ignite Employee Engagement

Videos are inherently more engaging than other forms of communication. Dynamic visuals, animations, and sound capture and hold employees' attention more effectively than text-only emails or long virtual meetings.

Consistent Messaging

Video ensures that every viewer receives the same message in the same way, eliminating inconsistencies that may exist in live presentations or multiple emails.

Deploying Effective Internal Communications Videos

Curious about how other companies are using videos internally? Here are some examples!

Engaging with Training and Onboarding Videos

Training and onboarding are critical opportunities to set expectations and reinforce company culture. Professionally shot videos make these processes more engaging and digestible, speeding up the learning curve and helping new hires integrate into your team smoothly. 

Well-produced videos can turn complex procedures and policies into straightforward, easy-to-understand content, making onboarding a breeze for newcomers and HR departments.

Making Dynamic Company Updates and Announcements

Whether celebrating a significant milestone or rolling out a new policy or strategic direction, company updates and announcements are more effective when shared through video. 

To ensure your message is universally understood, choose dynamic videos that capture attention and convey important messages in an exciting and memorable way. This approach ensures that your communications are heard, appreciated, and remembered.

Work with an Expert Team

As the corporate landscape evolves, so does the need for effective internal communications. Videos are a powerful tool to foster a connected and engaged workforce.

Gillespie Productions is dedicated to transforming your internal communication struggles into success stories, with each video tailored to meet your organization's unique needs and culture. We combine decades of strategic corporate communications experience with the latest shooting and editing techniques. 

Are you ready to enhance team dynamics and boost engagement within your company? 

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