5 Famous Wisconsin Companies and their Brand Presence: Wisconsin Video Production Showdown

So many companies in WI know the sheer power of good video production.

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So many companies in WI know the sheer power of good video production. That’s why virtually every big brand uses video marketing, whether via television or online, to grow their brands and stay in the public eye.

At Gillespie Productions, we help businesses grow into regional, national, and global brands through clever video production and smart messaging. Our Wisconsin video production services are popular with companies across many industries, and we not only provide comprehensive video services but we also aim to provide valuable information and advice right here on our website.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five famous Wisconsin companies and how they use video to reach new customers.


Harley-Davidson is one of those companies based in Wisconsin that everybody knows. Founded in Milwaukee, this brand is one of the most famous and recognizable motorcycle companies in the world – and it still relies on video to stay in the public eye.

One great video shared by Harley Davidson in 2021 is cinematic on every level. Starting in cinematic widescreen and dubbed over with an inspirational voiceover, you’ll see shows of their famous motorcycles in a desert scene. The motorcycles look great in the setting sunlight, and the voiceover tells you to “go, just go”.

Cinematic video is a great way to inspire people to take interest in your brand – and to show what their life could be like with your product.

Schreiber Foods

This recruitment video from Schreiber Foods is a good example of how we can help your business, in Green Bay or anywhere else across Wisconsin, attract new employees and team members.

As one of the top companies in Wisconsin, you may think that videos like this aren't necessary – but they are. This video we produced gives you a great insight into what it’s like working at Schreiber Foods – from the working scenes in the plant to the employees having a discussion in the office: you’ll see that Schreiber Foods wants recruits to know they are highly valued considered a family.

In this video, an employee shares his working experience at Schreiber Foods and his relationship with the company. The video is pretty simple and describes the perspective of one person working there – but it’s exciting and makes you want to apply!


A good example of Wisconsin brands using video to share their passion for the local community with the world with potential customers is Culver’s. Just like Green Bay businesses that Gillespie Productions works with, this brand shows the importance of taking care of one another with a video explaining the motivation behind their brand.

The video shows happy families enjoying great food, with a presenter describing how they are proud to safely serve the local community and give families more time together without needing to cook.

Not only do they show a great time that families have at their establishment, but they show just how much they care about local people.

Kohler Company

If your Sheboygan business needs a product overview video, then this clip from Kohler Company is a great example.

The video uses a TV host to capture the viewer’s attention. Chip Wade discusses new technology from Kohler at the KBIS 2022 event. In an upbeat tone at a booth at the event, he shows how the ContinuousClean self-cleaning toilet works.

Right from the show floor, this very short video is a great example of the kind of video production in Wisconsin we can produce. It’s informative, exciting, and shows the brand interacting in the real world.

OshKosh B’gosh

Founded in Wisconsin, OshKosh B’gosh is one of the most famous American children’s clothing companies in the country – and it still uses video to stay in the public eye! Out of Oshkosh, this brand continues to use video to show off its latest apparel.

In the clip below, you’ll see children preparing for Christmas, setting up decorations, and having a jolly old time while wearing great quality clothing.

With great videography, you don’t even need voices. The only thing you’ll hear in the video is festive music, but the wonderful visuals portray the brand perfectly – and you’re left with no uncertainty about what this brand does.

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