Why Invest in Professional Corporate Video Production Services?

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Corporate Video

Most marketing and communications professionals would love to have a “sky is the limit” approach to expenditures! But in reality, you may be constrained by a budget that doesn’t leave a ton of wiggle room. 

Hubspot reports that B2B companies spend 2-5% of their revenue on marketing while B2C companies spend 5-10% of their revenue on marketing. These numbers have gone up over time, with 6.4% of total company revenue going to marketing in 2021 and 9.1% of revenue allocated to marketing in 2023. 

But how do you allocate those precious percentage points? Today we’re going to make the case that professional video production should be one of your budgetary priorities! 

That same Hubspot article states that “71% of marketers plan to leverage either short-form or long-form video as part of their content strategy.” We know that investing in professional corporate video production is far more than just hiring someone to record footage and edit it together. Partnering with a specialized company is an investment in your brand and communications strategy. 

Tap into the Power of Visual Storytelling

Storytelling through video means blending strategy with creativity. Successful videos capture attention within the first few frames while still delivering key messages in a way that will resonate with the viewers. 

That’s a tall order!

In practice, this just means you need to choose the right creative partner. “Jack of all trades” agencies and one-person crews may not be the right fit if you’re looking for truly tailored content that resonates. Plus, while you may have some video production capabilities in-house, it sometimes takes a third-party perspective to truly elevate your messages and tie them into the organizational strategy. 

Our team’s superpower is capturing the nuances of your brand's story in a way that feels authentic and unscripted. It’s not just about holding up a camera and capturing what’s in front of us. It's about interpreting your brand's narrative through a lens that adds depth and context, making your message shine.

Create a Memorable Experience for Your Audience

Another reason that it’s worth investing in professional video services is memorability. Teams who are creating videos full-time stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in video production technology and techniques. 

At Gillespie Productions, for example, we’re consistently attending professional development events and reading about updates in our industry. This ensures that our craft is honed and ready to apply to your next project. 

Strengthen Your Brand Identity and Connection

In the longevity of your brand’s story, few things are as important as your reputation. 

When you think of brands that have stood the test of time, inside and outside of your particular industry, the common denominator is a positive reputation. Companies that erode trust, avoid transparency, and don’t respond to customer feedback are quickly going to fade into irrelevancy. Companies that have a strong brand story that is proudly and consistently communicated are more likely to last. 

So if your reputation is paramount, why wouldn’t you make investments that strengthen it for the long-term? As we’ve written before, videos can be an excellent strategic choice when it comes to communicating your brand story in your content.

Drive Results and Achieve Your Goals

If you’re in a data-driven organization, tracking the results of your marketing efforts is one of the most critical ways that you can ensure your budget reflects your priorities. 

Incorporating professional video content into your marketing strategy not only elevates your brand's narrative but also drives measurable business growth. Well-produced videos have been shown to increase engagement, improve SEO rankings, boost conversion rates, and ultimately, help achieve your marketing and sales objectives. 

At Gillespie Productions, our focus on communications strategy, coupled with customized video content creation and analytics, allows businesses to see tangible results from their investments. With professional-grade filming, sound, and editing, each video is a business asset!

Choose the Right Business Growth Partner

Choosing to work with a professional corporate video production company like Gillespie Productions means choosing a partner committed to magnifying your brand's impact. We’ll help you get the most “bang for your buck” in your marketing budget with our strategic understanding of your brand and your goals.

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